Monday, January 21, 2008

If you have a few minutes, check out the Ukraine website, It will introduce you to all the WGM missionaries and the work they do in Ukraine. It will give you some idea of our needs and theirs.

You should also check out the World Gospel Mission website at It has tons of information about the fields, the missionaries, and how it can help individuals and churches promote missions.

Life on the Road

It's time for another update on our lives. The month of January has been slow for us because we did not have many meetings scheduled for the first three weeks of the month. But things will begin to pick up now and we will be heading out for a six-week time of Home Ministry Assignment (formerly known as deputation).

We leave OKC on Saturday, Jan. 26, and drive to Clanton, Alabama that day. It's a long drive, but not long enough to divide up into a two day drive. We will be having meetings in Alabama and Georgia for a month, then head toward Maryland and Pennsylvania where we will be in two mission conferences held by churches which have supported us for a number of years. If you read this, be sure to say a few prayers for us as the Lord brings us to your mind. Safety in travel, good weather, and especially receptive hearts to the needs of Ukraine and how we will be actively engaged in meeting those needs. We need good offerings, and we need people who will be willing to make a commitment to support us financially for four more years.

Life on the road in fun in some ways, but difficult in others. I (Chris) like the travel, sitting beside Frank in the van, talking, seeing new sights, and maybe even stopping along the way to browse in an antique mall, visit a quilt shop, or see some historical site. Sometimes we have quite a bit of time on our hands between meetings and that gives us opportunity to visit some places that we otherwise wouldn't see.

Life on the road can be difficult though because we spend so much time in the car that we don't get our good exercise in as we would like. I usually gain weight, and that is a big problem for me. Another problem for me is that I can't watch my diet the way I would like to. I have to be very careful of high fats or else I have attacks of pain and IBS. When you're staying in other people's houses and they are kind enough to welcome you and help you, you don't complain about the food! At least we don't. But I have experienced some very bad attacks while we've been on the road, and it's mostly because people are so good to us that they want to serve us what they consider to be the very best food. And that usually isn't good for me. I never know when these attacks will happen, and it's always just a little embarrassing for me to have to excuse myself to lie down or hide in a bathroom.

So as the Lord brings us to your minds, please say a few prayers for us. We appreciate it.