Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meet our son, Evan

Happy Birthday, Evan! Evan was born on a cold, snowy Palm Sunday, March 23, 1975, in Oskaloosa, Iowa. We are proud of our kids and are grateful for the fact that both of them love the Lord and serve Him.
Evan has a beautiful wife, Lori, and two little girls, Kirsten and Riley, that he is crazy about. (We're crazy about them too!) And . . . another little girl is coming their way in early July.
Evan and Lori live in Dalhart, Texas, and he works for his father-in-law on a large farm. He has a pilot's license and is seeking to find just exactly the right place where God wants him and his family to be. Pray for Evan and Lori that they will find the perfect place to serve the Lord in the future. We are proud of our son.

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