Friday, April 18, 2008

West Virginia

Well, friends, we had a great weekend last week near Martinsburg, West Virginia. The Snyder Bible Chapel is in a beautiful setting in the hills and valleys of eastern West Virginia. We were there for their annual missions conference along with Jim and LouAnn Smith of World Gospel Mission and John and Trisha Fraser of OMS International. John and Trisha are missionaries in Budapest, Hungary, and were there with their three children. The youngest is only four weeks old--little Jonathan. We spoke five times and had wonderful fellowship with everyone in the church. This church as taken several life-shares in our ministry in the past and we felt that we were with old friends.

This week we have been staying in Westminster, Maryland, with our hosts Royal and Patty Mattoon. Their basement is fixed up as an apartment complete with stove, sink, fridge, tv, etc. So it really is a great place for us to stay. Royal and Patty were our hosts in February when we were in their church for a missions conference also.

This weekend we head back to Pennsylvania where we will be in a small church on Sunday morning, filling in for the retired pastor who is now in Florida. Then next Wednesday we head to New Jersey for meetings in that area. We will be in the missions conference of the Wiley Mission in Marlton, New Jersey. This conference will last through Wednesday, April 30. After that we head home to Oklahoma for a few weeks of catching up on things at home.

We appreciate your prayers for us during these meetings. We still have a ton of support to raise and it is coming in very slowly. Of course, the economy is not helping us at this time, and people are just not ready to commit themselves to long-term financial support. Pray that their hearts will be moved and they will be obedient to what God wants them to do to help us get to Ukraine in the fall.

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