Monday, August 4, 2008

Missionary Day at Camp Sychar

Tuesday, July 29th, was Missionary Day at Camp Sychar in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. I'm not sure how many missionaries were actually there, but there were at least seven "official" missionaries from World Gospel Mission and some more who just came in for the day because the camp has supported them for a long time. It was a great day!

Frank and I started our day by being a part of the youth meeting. (By the way, Camp Sychar is a great family camp with more than 100 teens present.) We were the only missionaries who spoke in the youth meetings, so we felt a certain responsibility to do a good job. The music rocked, the counselors were groovy, and the whole atmosphere was young! Needless to say, Frank and I, oldsters that we are, trembled a bit at the thought that we were supposed to get and keep the attention of these kids. But the Lord helped! He gave us the right things to say, in the right way, and kids listened. Frank gave them a challenge: How big is your world? I gave my testimony about how the Lord had called me to serve Him when I was a teenager. Later in the day we had a number of teens who came up to us and said that they really enjoyed hearing us. So we weren't toooooo far off the mark with our presentation. We pray that God called someone or two to serve Him as missionaries someday, somewhere.
The afternoon was fun! The camp had a Missions Festival on the campground with booths set up for kids to play games and win tickets for prizes. I think each game, no matter what, cost 25 cents. All that money went to missions.

Kids got their faces painted.

Counselors got whipped cream in the face!

Some missionaries sold balloons.

And we redeemed tickets for prizes.

We appreciate Camp Sychar and the support it has provided for us through the years. Not only was Missionary Day great, but the preaching services were edifying and the music was wonderful. Thank you Camp Sychar for a wonderful week.

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