Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Summary

Okay, it's September and I'm behind. But before I write new things, I'm going to give a summary of what happened in August. It was a good month for us as far as family is concerned. We visited our son Evan and his family twice in August. The first time was so we could see our new little granddaughter, Anika Faith. She is a sweetie! Lots of dark hair and very petite. The second time we visited was so we could attend her dedication to the Lord at church. It's always fun to play with Kirsten and Riley. Riley is warming up to us and has become friendly, so we feel really good about that.

Anika Faith, aged six weeks

Kirsten, aged 4, and Riley, aged 2 1/2

We had great fun too when we celebrated Lance's 1st birthday the first week of August. His party was a little late since he was born on July 26th last year, but his mom wanted to be sure that we would be home so we could be there. Have you ever seen a one-year-old dig into his birthday cake? Well, it's messy but fun! We think he is adorable. He actually prefers his grandpa Frank to grandma Chris, but that's okay. His big brother Brock is just the opposite.

Lance, aged 1, before cake

Lance, after cake!

We haven't had any meetings this past month, so we spent most of the time at home catching up on chores around the house and helping Frank's mom with doctor and dentist appointments. All in all, a good month.

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