Sunday, November 15, 2009


Frank checked at the post office about sending the books via sea mail in a book bag.  The book bags are still available, limit of 66 pounds per bag.  The catch is that they no longer ship them sea mail, everything goes airmail.  The cost to send one bag of books---$250.  And we have enough for three bags.  Guess what?  the books are not going to Ukraine in a postal bag.  We'll ship them in boxes separate from our big U-Haul boxes, but along with the total shipment.

Our Sunday School class is a blessing to us.  This morning they decided to take up an offering next week to help us send 700 pounds in our shipment.  That will cover almost the whole cost.  We know they will be praying for us every week that we are in Ukraine.  We praise the Lord for them.

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