Saturday, January 2, 2010


What a difference a year makes! A year ago Frank and I were discouraged and downhearted over not being in Ukraine and having a hard time getting our support raised. Other things concerned with India had totally dismayed and shocked us. We wondered what the future held for us. As this New Year begins we are assessing our ministry roles here in Ukraine, planning for outreach, and asking God to open the doors that He wants us to go through. We are satisfied that we are here in God's timing. We are encouraged and content.

New Year's Eve in Ukraine was fun for us. We were invited to an American friend's apartment for supper along with Bill and Betsy Tarr. We had delicious food as well as good conversation and fellowship. We were home before 9pm, watched a movie and went to bed about 11:30. At midnight the fireworks began! Fireworks lit up the sky and for quite a while we could hear the crackers explode. New Year's Day was quiet all day long. We have been told that New Year's Eve is the biggest holiday in Ukraine. The early part of the evening is spent with family and there are lots of special foods and games and special programs on TV. Then the young people go to friends' homes, or out to bars and pubs, and party most of the night. The quietness on New Year's day was probably because most people were recovering from the effects of too much alcohol and too many parties.

I just discovered how to imbed puzzles into our blog, so I'm starting with this one that says it all. Happy New Year to all our friends, loved ones and supporters. May God bless you all throughout 2010.

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