Friday, February 1, 2008

Greetings from Clanton, Alabama

Here we are in Alabama, heart of the South! Southern hospitality and good friends. We are staying with long-time friends of World Gospel Mission, Dr. Phil and June Simms. They are wonderful people who have helped many WGM missionaries through the years. Dr. Phil has been on the WGM Board of Directors for a long time. Some years ago they realized that missionaries traveling on deputation (oops! Home Ministry Assignment) often need a place to stay for days at a time. So they created a "Prophet's Chamber" on the second story of their lovely home. It is a suite of rooms with big bedroom, a sitting room, and bathroom. We have stayed there before and are there right now, enjoying their Southern hospitality.

Yesterday they took us to Birmingham IMAX theater to see the movie "Mummies: Secret of the Pharoahs." I really don't think it was their "cup of tea", so to speak, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. After that we went to eat in a great restaurant before heading back to Clanton. Here's a picture of them at the IMAX theater.

Our meetings have been small, but enjoyable. We have renewed friendships with a number of people who have prayed for us and supported us financially for many years. One of the things we have noticed is that some of the churches do not have many young adult couples who participate in mission meetings. Many of the folks have been senior citizens, lovely Southern ladies and gentlemen. Praise the Lord for them. But the church needs those young couples! Missions need those young couples! Pray that the churches will find a way to communicate the needs of the entire world to these men and women who are the future of the church and of World Gospel Mission.

We will be here in Clanton for another week. On Sunday we have two meetings, morning and evening, in Methodist churches. During the weekdays when our time is free we may do some antique looking, check out one or two historical sites, and catch up on our reading. I'll let you know how that goes when I write next week!

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