Thursday, February 14, 2008

Old friends meet

Frank and Ken 44 years later

Another great part of our week in north Georgia was having the chance to meet an old friend. When Frank was a teenager at Lushington Hall in Ooty, India, one of his friends was another MK named Ken Anderson. Ken's parents were working in Andhra Pradesh in southern India. After leaving India, Frank kept in touch with Ken for a while, but then lost contact and 44 years have passed since they last saw each other. Recently Frank found Ken's email address through another old friend from India. He immediately re-established contact, and we made it a point to visit Ken and his family here in northern Georgia.

The Anderson family

Ken is now Dr. Ken Anderson, a professor of vocal music at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. He and his wife, Lois, have six children. Lois is also an MK who spent part of her childhood in Mexico City. The two oldest children are young women. One is married and the other is now teaching music at Hebron School in Ooty, India. Their other children are four young men still at home, and they are a great bunch of kids. Ken and Lois graciously allowed us to stay with them for a few days between meetings and we have had a wonderful time with this lovely Christian family.


Terry Tiessen said...


It was interesting to come across your blog post (through my Google alert for “Hebron”). About 5 weeks ago, my wife and my 3 sisters and I returned from a trip back to Ooty where we had a small reunion of people who studied at Breeks in the 50s. I had not been back to India in 48 years so it was a bit stunning to see the traffic etc. but we had a wonderful trip and ate curry to our hearts’ content. It was fascinating to tramp around the current Hebron campus and revisit old memories in Ooty.

Ken’s parents were in the same mission as mine – then the India Mission, now Cristar, so sites we visited on the plains (Hyderabad area) were also places of significance in Ken’s childhood.

Blessings on your ministry,

Chris & Frank Dewey said...


Good to hear from you. My wife and I served in India (near Bangalore) from 1976 to 2007, when we were re-assigned to Ukraine. In 2006 our daughter and her family came out to visit and we all went up to Hebron. Our son and his wife helped out at Hebron in 2001-02. So we have stayed somewhat in touch up there.

Frank (Skip) Dewey