Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grandbaby on the way!

We just talked to our son Evan. His wife, Lori, is expecting a new baby any day now. She is having some contractions, but nothing else seems to be happening, so if the baby doesn't come this weekend, she will have labor induced on Monday morning, July 7th. The baby is a girl to go along with the other two sweet little girls they have. We're excited, but a little disappointed that we won't be able to see her until August after we finish this July roadtrip to Ohio, Tennessee, and back again. When we hear more, I'll write more.

I've been thinking recently about my own family (this is Chris writing). I have two sisters, no brothers. Evan and his family are kinda like us. Three girls, but closer together in age that my sisters and I are. We three are still pretty close and try to keep in touch. Email has really helped in that line, along with cell phones. I'm the oldest, so I think I have an idea about how little Kirsten (almost 4 years old) will feel as time goes by. I'm going to watch Riley (aged 2) and now this new little one to see if I find any similarities between them and my two sisters because of their birth order.

Sometimes I think I read too much! I read about the effect of birth order a long time ago and my sisters and I pretty much fit right into the characteristics that our places in the birth order are supposed to have. How will Kirsten, Riley, and ????? develop? It'll be fun to watch.

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