Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the Road in Ohio

This past weekend we were near Canton, Ohio, at a little town named Waynesburg. The Little Country Church is there and has been a strong supporter of World Gospel Mission for many years. This is our sixth time to be at the church and we spoke in both the morning and evening worship services. Several folks there have had support in us through the years and it was good to see them again.

One of the nearby attractions southwest of Canton is the Amish country in Holmes County. It was super-busy on Saturday in Berlin, Ohio, where we stopped for a while. I love going through antique malls, and enjoyed the one in Berlin, not to mention all the quilt shops and Amish furniture places. The Amish food is delicious, but probably not so good for someone trying to watch their weight or cholesterol.

Tomorrow, July 10th, we are driving to Nashville, Tennessee, where we will visit an old friend from India, Dr. Paul Beals, who was a visiting professor several times at South India Biblical Seminary. From there we will go to Chattanooga for our counseling training next week. We'll try to write again from Chattanooga. Thanks for your prayers.

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