Monday, July 13, 2009


What are our first impressions of Portland, Oregon, after being here for the weekend:

  • Very green. It looks like a jungle here! All this cool weather and lots of rain make it look like a tropical paradise.
  • Huge roses and hydrangeas. The flowers are absolutely beautiful.
  • Few visible churches. We come from the Bible belt with churches on every block. Here the churches must be hidden behind all that greenery.
  • Reminds us of the hills of south India, especially Ootacamund, the town where Hebron School is located and where our children (and Frank!) went to school----except that it's much cleaner! The weekend was cool and rainy, just like Ooty weather.
  • People wearing sweaters and jackets in July.
  • Lots of people riding bicycles, with special lanes in the roads for them. Almost like Europe.

More to come later.

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